Project Profile - From Two Suitcases to a Midtown Apartment

Our client, a successful technology executive who travels the world for his job, recently made the move to NYC and purchased a one bedroom. Now to start, those two items in themselves are a feat, NYC is one of the most difficult, competitive and expensive real estate market in the US.

Our client tasked us with providing a turn key solution as he literally moved with the clothes on his back and two suitcases. We wanted to provide a very simple and fun space he could not only live in but work from on those days away from the office, or when it was raining and he didn’t feel like going out. Our client shared the same quirky design desires as we do and with a last name Fox we had to utilize that in the overall design, the start was with a handmade quilt, with fox’s on it of course, that told the color story.

Midtown West Fox Blanket.jpg
Imagine for a minute arriving in the trawling metropolis of New York City with only three suitcases and a box. You immediately start work and then spend every other waking moment over days, weeks and perhaps months hunting down your perfect apartment only then faced with moving into a white box. Time poor, and faced with the interior design skills of a fifth grader, what do you do?
— Owner, Fox Apartment
Midtown West Bedding.jpg

Addition to keeping up with the Fox’s, we wanted to hint at the amount of travel our client did both for work and pleasure. We added minimal elements throughout showing his places of residence over the last few years.

Midtown West Bedside Table.jpg
Midtown West TV.jpg
Midtown West Tom Dixon.jpg

As simple as this project turned out it really created a sense of home for our client. We incorporated some high end finishes such as these Melt Pendant’s from Tom Dixon to accent the dining table, these three fixtures really made an impact on the whole room as it is the first thing you see from the main entrance. It was a challenge for myself, as a designer, as I love pattern and color so I had to subtly incorporate those in other elements to still give that simplicity but allow it to feel unique all at once.