A Break-up & Break-down: Affordable Furniture Stores, besides IKEA

Everybody loves IKEA. But sometimes you want to furnish your home with pieces that are less cookie-cutter and more sophisticated than the options offered at IKEA. So let’s take a break from our favorite Swedish brand as we break down the following alternatives.

A division of Crate & Barrel, CB2 is an affordable, modern option. It first opened in 2000 in Chicago - think of it as the young, cool cousin of Crate & Barrel.

Urban Outfitters
While Urban Outfitters is known for their super trendy clothing, they also have a great selection of home furnishings in their Apartment section. Now your home can be as chill or as eclectic as your wardrobe! Check out the UO online store, as well as in-store, for more options.

Greycork is a new startup and similar to IKEA, they too offer flat-packed furniture but at lower prices. Their pieces are manufactured in the USA, and get this: each piece of furniture can be assembled in under 4 minutes, without tools. As we know all too well, IKEA assembly cannot compete with that! Currently, Greycork seems to only offer living room furniture in one neutral color scheme.

Chaise , $400

Chaise, $400

“No-brand quality goods” is what Muji (Mujirushi Ryohin) means in Japanese, and that is indeed what Muji offers. Here you will find a quality, simple selection of home essentials, from furniture and accessories to socks and luggage.

Thrift stores
This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the awesome bargains and design finds available at a local thrift store! Pick up a unique table, chair or lamp and do some DIY for your own modern, personal touch. See last month’s post 4 Ways to Revamp your Favorite Items for ideas and inspiration!