Renovating your Rental

New York City is one of the best cities in the world and it is a city full of rental apartments in all budgets and in all shapes and sizes. With over 2 million rental apartments spread across the city, no matter what rental bracket you fall in, will want to make their space a home in some way or another. And while renting may not allow you to take a sledge hammer through the wall and double that 300SF apartment there are a lot of little and sometimes inexpensive things you can do to upgrade your rental to your home.

I always ask clients I am helping “how long do they anticipate to stay in the space” and “what are the long term goals?”. This is a big determining factor on what type of furniture they want, disposable or grown up furniture. This, within their desired budget can help me in suggesting the proper pieces and plan for them. Before making any major changes in your apartment, always check with your landlord and / or management company for approval. It is also a good idea if you have specific conditions built in when you are investing in their property that you get all the approvals and conditions in writing and obtain for your records. See our recommendations on Love Where You Live Realty's blog.

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