Finding the right Wallpaper / Wall Covering

Wallpaper and wall coverings have come a long ways in the last ten years.  It is always amazing when I mention wallpaper to a friend or client the instant "eww" face I get as in most cases it is still associated with being "old" and "outdated", something only grandma would have in her home.  Funny thing is, all that is coming back with modern interpretations of vintage prints and patterns.

I recently found myself scouring the web and popping in and out of many showrooms here in Manhattan to find that perfect wallpaper for a client.  We wanted to give them something masculine with a soft side for their bedroom, something that was cozy but not glitzy and glam.  Seeing this suiting stitch pattern (see below) from Maya Romanoff was instantly what the space needed, it added warmth and texture as well as a unique element you do not see very often in a home.  This pattern is slated to be installed with rich copper and brass metal tones, soft patterned linens and walnut furnishings.

Joe HumanComment