Our Take: Four Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table Finds

When putting together options for clients I end up scouring endless websites and showrooms around NYC to find that perfect piece to fit the clients ideal budget and space and of course fulfill the design aesthetic we are trying to achieve.  Below find four of our favorite recent finds of the last couple months, not all the pieces made it into the rounds for our projects.

Oblong Coffee Table
Vendor - Rypen  |  Designer - New Breed Furniture

Why it peaked our interest, the "Oblong Coffee Table" is such a fun and unique piece with so many small details.  Who wouldn't love that it is hand built in the USA (Skokie, IL) with high quality wood and attention to detail.  But, the main thing we love is the assortment of available colors and finishes make this a fun and adaptable piece to any decor or space.

Narran Coffee Table
Vendor - Dot & Bo

Why it peaked our interest, the "Narran" coffee table comes in a compact simple design that is highly detailed.  It feels very 70's modern in an updated kind of way, but with its geometric base it is able to integrate into multiple design aesthetics.  The pop of orange bends perfectly with the dark stained sheesham wood.

Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table
Manufacturer - Urban Green Furniture

Why it peaked our interest, the name says it all, this is a super simple design that packs a high impact visual.  Urban Green Furniture is known for their clean lines and green approach to furniture building.  The piece can be customized in multiple finishes and sizes so it is bound to fit your space.  It evokes the classic boxy lines with tapered legs that classic mid-century modern design is famous for.

Free Range Coffee Table
Manufacturer - Bludot

Why it peaked our interest, the "Free Range Coffee Table" is a wonderful mix of materials putting together stone, solid wood and metals.  This is not a traditional mid-century piece but one that can be adapted into multiple styles and has a more luxurious feel thanks to the high contrast.  I love its clean lines yet it has a lot of details that keep you interested.