Limited Edition State Wall Adornments

New for the Holiday season this year, designs by human. is releasing a limited edition run of a very special product.  Our new State Wall Adornments (decorations) are a perfect unique gift for someone special.  Whether you want to give as a gift or display your home state pride these modern decorations will be the perfect fit for any home decor style.

State adornments are exceptionally made by us and our craftsman right here in New York City and New York's Hudson River Valley.  We start by hand selecting the wood with the most interesting grain, carefully placing each state on the sheet of wood is critical in giving it a modern and unique look.  The wood is then cut out with a careful eye and a bit of technology to help into your favorite state.  Currently in our exclusive limited edition run we are featuring four states in two different finishes, California, Idaho, Texas and New York in both Walnut and Cherry.

Each state is then hand sanded with a detailed eye to make the surface smooth and soft.  Once sanded, we apply three coats of a premier and ultra high end oil finish by hand to make the natural wood grain of the walnut or cherry pop.  

At the location of the capitol, we carefully place a metal insert and sand it to be smooth and soft along with the rest of the surfaces.  These are truly one of a kind wall decorations!  Please inquire if you have any specific questions, otherwise take a look below at the process and then head on over to our webstore to purchase before they are gone!

2015-11-18 15.37.23.jpg
2015-11-30 09.48.12.jpg
The big state of Texas in the Big Apple.

The big state of Texas in the Big Apple.

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